Our Philosophy

Unveiling the alchemy of nature’s wisdom, Awear Beauty’s philosophy combines the art of skincare with the science of botanical brilliance. Delve into the enigmatic realm where botanical extracts and innovative formulations synergize, revealing the transformative power of nature on your skin.

Explore our philosophy and embark on a scientific voyage that harmonises beauty and skincare, unlocking the secrets of radiant and healthy skin.


Our Story

The beauty of a plant is in its balance of design and science. We created Awear Beauty with this in mind. Vegan, clean skincare with a blend of botanical and scientific ingredients to restore balance for soft glowing complexion. With the mission to debunk myths and create awareness of what we wear on our skin, Awear Beauty was born.

All Awear formulas are created keeping Indian climate and skin cell structure in mind.


At Awear Beauty, our commitment extends beyond skincare. With deep reverence for our Earth, we craft each product with utmost care, ensuring their harmony with the marine life that thrives beneath the waves. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our packaging, meticulously created using recycled plastic, for a greener future that protects both your skin and our precious planet. Join us in this conscious journey towards beauty that nurtures and preserves our interconnected world.