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Unlock Plant Secrets

Explore our philosophy and embark on a bio-innovative voyage that harmonizes science and nature unlocking the secrets of radiant and healthy skin

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Discover skincare in its true form, no marketing gimmicks only truth & awearness


Let's Know What's Inside

Superfood Enzyme Cleanser
Peptide Glow Serum
Dual Spot Treatment Serum
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  • Acne & Blemishes

    The combination of Awear DST + SEC is a plant-powered duo to combat and control and acne and blemishes.

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  • Pigmentation

    Awear Products are powered by special bio-innovations that work at the cellular level to treat and repair skin cells to reveal brighter, glowing skin.

  • Dullness

    Formulations designed to reveal a more youthful glow. Explore the full Awear Glass Skin range now.

  • Well-Aging

    At Awear we believe in well-aging over anti-aging. Explore our products designed to promote a healthy skin cells.


Results Of Dual Spot Treatment Serum



Why Awear?

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Very good face wash, feels very soft and good on my skin!

Nitya Sharma

I have used this spot treatment not only for acne but also to target pigmentation under my eyes and within 2 days I could see the difference in the texture of that region; my make up would apply very easily once I started used this spot treatment.

Shreya Kapoor

I have a combination skin type and the serum has worked really well for me.

Ritvi Nagpal

This serum is so hydrating and has worked very well for my skin


Just now seeing your products good job making the ingredients list super good and Are kidding me The package is so insane I really love love love it. Can you work on price point make it little more affordable. I wish your brand good launch good lip balms like peptide lipbalm, Kojic, cica or ceramide coz there is no proper lip balm from any brands because of poor ingredient list