Why Patented Ingredients Are The Best Pick For Skincare?

Why Patented Ingredients Are The Best Pick For Skincare?

In the realm of skincare, where the pursuit of flawless and healthy skin has been an age-old aspiration, a new era has dawned—one where scientific innovation and meticulous research are at the forefront. The cornerstone of this transformation is the use of patented ingredients, setting an uncompromising standard for efficacy and safety. This comprehensive exploration delves into the profound importance of patented ingredients in the world of skincare, shining a spotlight on two extraordinary compounds: Ectoin® and Bicowhite®.

What is Ectoin®?

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Ectoin® is a patented substance crafted by Bitop, derived from various microorganisms, including bacteria, archaea, algae, and fungi, thriving in hypersaline environments. The journey of Ectoin® begins with the cultivation of Halomonas elongata, a non-GMO strain of halophilic bacteria, through a meticulous fermentation process.

Uses of Ectoin In Skincare: Ectoin® has emerged as a versatile ingredient in skincare, seamlessly integrating into a wide range of products, from cleansers to moisturizers. Its primary attribute lies in its ability to hydrate and soothe dry, damaged, or irritated skin, making it a potential leader in the skincare industry's biotechnological advancements.

Why Is Ectoin Good For Skin? Ectoin® boasts several desirable properties:

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  • Protection of Moisture Barrier: It fortifies the skin's moisture barrier, preventing transepidermal water loss.
  • Correction of Water Balance: Ectoin® helps maintain optimal water balance within skin cells.
  • Effective Skin Barrier Regeneration: It supports the regeneration of the skin barrier, promoting healthy skin function.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Ectoin® acts as an effective antioxidant, shielding the skin from free radical damage.
  • Collagen and Elastin Protection: It safeguards collagen and elastin fibers from harm, preserving skin's elasticity and firmness.

The Science Behind Ectoin®: To truly appreciate Ectoin's benefits, it's essential to delve into the science behind it. Ectoin® owes its prowess to its unique molecular structure, which allows it to form a protective shield around skin cells, shielding them from environmental stressors such as UV radiation, pollution, and temperature fluctuations. This molecular structure, characterized by its "water-loving" properties, helps cells retain moisture, making it a potent hydrating agent. Additionally, Ectoin's role as an antioxidant helps neutralize harmful free radicals, which can lead to premature aging and skin damage.

Clinical Evidence Supporting Ectoin®: The efficacy of Ectoin® is not mere marketing hype; it is backed by a wealth of clinical research. Numerous studies have demonstrated the tangible benefits of Ectoin® in skincare. One such study conducted a comprehensive analysis of Ectoin's impact on skin hydration and barrier function. The results were striking, with participants experiencing a significant increase in skin hydration levels and improved barrier function after consistent use of Ectoin-based products. These findings underscore the scientific validity of Ectoin® as a valuable skincare ingredient.

Bicowhite®: The Complex of Efficacy

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Bicowhite® is a patented formulation consisting of Bicosomes® designed to deliver natural-origin active agents targeting specific skin layers.

Composition and Benefits of Bicowhite®: Bicowhite® encompasses various ingredients that work harmoniously to provide a range of benefits, including dark spot reduction, skin brightening, and enhanced skin barrier function. Key components include:

  • Aqua: Facilitating the creation of lighter, evenly spread products.
  • Lecithin: Serving as an emollient, water-binding agent, and emulsifier.
  • Niacinamide: Boosting collagen production, improving skin texture, and reducing hyperpigmentation.
  • 3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid: Increasing collagen production and providing antioxidant protection.
  • Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate: Calming sensitive skin and addressing uneven skin tone.
  • Phytic Acid: Acting as an exfoliant and skin brightener.
  • Tocopherol: Neutralizing free radicals and moisturizing the skin.
  • Beta-Sitosterol: Soothing irritated skin and aiding in skin recovery.
  • Squalene: Enhancing hydration and reducing inflammation.

The Science Behind Bicowhite®: Bicowhite®'s effectiveness lies in its advanced delivery system. The Bicosomes® within this patented formulation facilitate the targeted delivery of active ingredients to specific layers of the skin. This precision ensures that the ingredients can exert their full potential where they are needed most. For example, niacinamide, a key component of Bicowhite®, has been extensively studied for its ability to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and fade hyperpigmentation by minimizing melanosome transfer.

Clinical Validation of Bicowhite®: Much like Ectoin®, Bicowhite® doesn't rely on anecdotal evidence; it has undergone rigorous clinical testing. A study conducted to evaluate the effects of Bicowhite® on dark spots and skin tone revealed compelling results. Participants who used Bicowhite®-infused products experienced a noticeable reduction in dark spots and achieved a brighter and more even skin tone. These findings underscore the real-world efficacy of Bicowhite® as a skincare ingredient.

Bicoalgae® ω3: The Age-Defying Superfood

Bicoalgae® ω3 is a microalgae-based superfood that combats aging caused by chronic inflammation.

Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids For Skin: Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for various health benefits, including skin health. While the body can't produce them independently, dietary intake plays a vital role. Bicoalgae® ω3 offers targeted delivery of two essential omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, known for their role in improving skin barrier function, reducing melanin, preventing wrinkles, and enhancing skin tone.

The Science Behind Bicoalgae® ω3: Bicoalgae® ω3 derives its potency from its unique blend of omega-3 fatty acids, primarily EPA. EPA, or eicosapentaenoic acid, is a well-known omega-3 fatty acid found in cold-water fatty fish like salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for overall health, and their impact on skin health is profound. They play a crucial role in reducing inflammation, a key driver of skin aging. Chronic inflammation can lead to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin. By targeting inflammation and supporting skin barrier function, Bicoalgae® ω3 helps combat the signs of aging effectively.

Clinical Evidence Supporting Bicoalgae® ω3: Clinical studies have validated the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for skin health. Research shows that EPA, in particular, has a significant impact on reducing skin inflammation and improving skin hydration. In a study focusing on the effects of omega-3 supplementation on the skin, participants who consumed omega-3-rich supplements exhibited enhanced skin barrier function, reduced redness, and improved skin texture. These findings underscore the potential of omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in Bicoalgae® ω3, to promote youthful and radiant skin.

7 things skincare formulators must know about patents

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Here are seven important things that skincare formulators should know about patents:

  1. Ingredient Patent Status: Skincare formulators must be aware of the patent status of ingredients they intend to use in their formulations. Some ingredients may be protected by patents, and using them without proper authorization can lead to legal issues.
  2. Licensing and Permissions: Understanding licensing agreements is essential. Some patented ingredients may be available for use through licensing agreements with specific terms and conditions. Formulators should ensure they have the necessary permissions and comply with these agreements.
  3. Patent Expiration: Patents have a limited lifespan. Formulators should keep track of patent expiration dates, as ingredients protected by patents become public domain after expiration. This can open up opportunities for using previously patented ingredients.
  4. Patent Search and Prior Art: Before formulating a new product, it's advisable to conduct a patent search to identify any existing patents related to the intended formulation. Understanding prior art can help formulators avoid infringing on existing patents.
  5. Innovation and Patentability: Skincare formulators should be aware of the criteria for patentability. To secure a patent, an innovation must be novel, non-obvious, and have utility. Understanding these principles can guide formulators in developing unique and patentable skincare solutions.
  6. Patent Infringement Risks: Skincare companies should be cautious about potential patent infringement risks. Using patented ingredients or formulations without proper authorization can result in costly legal disputes and damage to a brand's reputation.
  7. Collaboration with Patent Holders: Collaborating with patent holders can be a strategic move. It allows formulators to access patented ingredients legally and potentially benefit from the research and development expertise of the patent holders.

Is it necessary to patent skin care products?

It is not strictly necessary to patent skincare products, and the decision to do so depends on several factors. Firstly, consider the uniqueness and innovation of your skincare product. If your formulation incorporates groundbreaking ingredients or technologies that set it apart from existing products, patenting may be a valuable option to protect your intellectual property. Secondly, evaluate the level of competition in the skincare market. If your product faces stiff competition with similar offerings, obtaining a patent can provide a means to distinguish your product and attract consumers.
Moreover, if you have invested significantly in research and development to create your skincare product, a patent can safeguard that investment by preventing others from replicating your formula. Additionally, patents can enhance your brand's reputation by showcasing your commitment to innovation and proprietary technology. Finally, it's important to recognize that patents offer market exclusivity for a limited period, allowing you to capitalize on your product's unique features before others can legally imitate them. Ultimately, the decision to patent a skincare product should align with your business goals and the competitive landscape of the skincare industry.

The Future of Skincare: Science and Innovation

The Future Of Innovation In Skincare

In recent years, the skincare industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation. Gone are the days when skincare was solely about beauty; it has evolved into a science-driven field where innovation and research reign supreme. Patented ingredients like Ectoin®, Bicowhite®, and Bicoalgae® ω3 exemplify this evolution, offering consumers tangible results backed by scientific rigor.

  • The Role of Scientific Research: The efficacy of these patented ingredients rests on a foundation of scientific research. Skincare companies invest significant resources in conducting clinical studies to validate the claims associated with their products. These studies involve rigorous testing, often with the participation of volunteers, to assess the impact of these ingredients on various aspects of skin health.
  • Technological Innovation: Technological advancements have also played a pivotal role in shaping the skincare landscape. Advanced delivery systems, like Bicosomes® in Bicowhite®, ensure that active ingredients reach the right layers of the skin, maximizing their effectiveness. Additionally, biotechnological developments, such as the cultivation of Halomonas elongata for Ectoin® production, exemplify the industry's commitment to innovation and sustainability.
  • Clean Beauty and Ethical Practices: As consumers become more discerning, clean beauty practices have gained prominence. Skincare companies are increasingly focused on using environmentally friendly and ethically sourced ingredients. Patented ingredients, produced through sustainable methods and free from harmful additives, align with this clean beauty ethos.
  • Regulatory Ethics: Regulatory bodies play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of skincare products. Patented ingredients undergo rigorous scrutiny to meet regulatory standards. Consumers can have confidence in products that feature patented ingredients, knowing that they have met stringent regulatory requirements.


The future of advanced skincare is built upon scientific research, technological innovation, and a commitment to clean beauty in line with industry and regulatory ethics. Patented ingredients like Ectoin®, Bicowhite®, and Bicoalgae® ω3 exemplify this vision, offering remarkable benefits and setting the standard for excellence in skin care. As consumers seek products that deliver real results and adhere to ethical and environmental principles, patented ingredients will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the skincare landscape. By embracing the synergy of science, innovation, and ethics, the skincare industry is poised for a future where healthy, radiant skin is within reach for all.